Ridge augmentation is a type of bone grafting. Our dentists typically recommend ridge augmentation after bone loss or tooth loss. This procedure may be performed immediately after a tooth is extracted or at a later time in preparation for an implant placement.

When you lose a tooth, the contours of your gums and jawbone change. This not only affects the appearance of your smile, but makes replacing your tooth more difficult as the jawbone in the area lacks supporting tissue. After a tooth has been lost, the alveolar ridge of the jaw (the area that surrounds and supports the teeth and tooth roots), may deteriorate and leave an indentation. Ridge augmentation restores the height and width of this area by rebuilding it, providing a stable foundation for your teeth and increasing the chances of a successful implant placement.

During your ridge augmentation procedure, our dentists will fill the indented and deteriorated area with bone grafting material. This rebuilds the alveolar ridge to provide support for your remaining teeth or for an implant, and to prevent further deterioration in that area prior to the tooth being replaced.

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