Endodontics is the field of dental specialty which focuses on treating problems with the dental pulp, or innermost nerves, of your teeth. This pulp contains the living connective tissue and cells, the tooth nerves and the blood vessels, and is what keeps your tooth alive and functioning properly. If this pulp becomes injured, infected or diseases it can cause the tooth to die and result in an extraction.

The goal of endodontic treatment is to remove the damaged tissue, restore the health of the tooth and prevent the tooth from being removed from your mouth. While there are several types of endodontic treatment available, the most common is root canal therapy. Root canal therapy involves removing injured and infected tissues from the tooth, thoroughly cleaning it, filling it with a medicated material and then capping it with a restoration (usually a dental crown) to restore the tooth to full function and beauty and protect it from sustaining further damage.

While root canals and other endodontic treatments have a reputation for being painful, advances in dental care allow our dentists to provide you with effective sedation and comfort options. Additionally, many root canals can also be completed in a single appointment.

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