There are nine recognized fields of dental specialty. Our experienced dentists provide care from many of these fields to ensure that you and your family receive the treatments that you need to maintain a healthy, functional and beautiful smile. We have an apt amount of experience in these oral health care specialties and proudly provide the following services:

  • Prevent and control dental diseases and other dental problems through education and preventative care.
  • Treat issues involving the pulp, nerves and roots of the teeth.
  • Diagnose, treat and manage dental diseases.
  • Take and interpret images and data in order to diagnose and treat dental problem.
  • Provide surgical treatments for diseases, injuries and other dental problems of the mouth, jaw and orofacial region.
  • Diagnose, prevent, intercept and correct bad bites, misaligned teeth and other skeletal or neuromuscular abnormalities in the orofacial region.
  • Professionally care for the gums and other supporting tissues in the mouth.
  • Plan the treatment, rehabilitation and maintenance of a patient’s teeth and oral health when they have damaged or missing teeth.

When you visit Great White Dental, we will thoroughly examine your mouth in order to develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique oral health needs. Some of the specialized treatments provided at our office include:

We invite you to request an appointment or call 210-468-3360 if you have any questions about dental specialties in San Antonio, Texas.