Your child’s baby teeth are important. Although the baby teeth are temporary, they are crucial to the initial development of your child’s smile. To complicate matters, your child’s baby teeth are at a high risk for dental cavities and decay. If your child’s baby teeth are severely damaged or decayed, Dr. Alejandro Martinez or Dr. Sarah McMahan may recommend that your child receives a dental crown on their damaged baby teeth.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that our dentists use stainless steel dental crowns as a restoration. We may recommend this treatment for children who have extreme tooth decay or have received a pulpotomy. Your child’s stainless steel dental crown is durable, inexpensive, protective and creates minimal tooth sensitivity. Additionally, this restoration has a high rate of success, significantly reducing the need for retreatment in the future. The stainless steel dental crown is also beneficial as a space maintainer.

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