At Great White Dental, Dr. Alejandro Martinez and Dr. Sarah McMahan perform pediatric dentistry in San Antonio, Texas. Many parents assume that a child’s baby teeth aren’t as important as adult teeth. In reality, it is incredibly important in establishing good lifelong oral health. Additionally, a healthy smile can contribute to your child’s speech development, alignment of future adult teeth and proper digestion of food.

Your child should start coming to the dentist about six months after their first tooth erupts. Just like with adults, a child’s teeth need to be brushed twice a day, to prevent cavities, decay and damage. Additionally, your child should attend regularly scheduled dental cleanings once every six months.

During your child’s dental cleanings, we will gently clean your child’s teeth, removing any debris from the teeth, while checking for signs of damage, misalignment and other potential developmental issues.

Starting your child’s visits with our dentists at a young age, can create a healthy relationship and trust between your child and the dentist. Our dentists and team are committed to providing quality dentistry in a comfortable, safe environment for your children. If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry or our many services, request an appointment or call our office at 210-468-3360, or view the pages below. We look forward to meeting with you soon.