There is a reason braces have stuck around for so long: they are effective! Clear aligners and other orthodontic options offer their own benefits, but braces in San Antonio, Texas, are still the most reliable and effective treatment option available.

When you think of braces, you might imagine a mouthful of sharp, ugly metal and years of miserable treatment. Well, our dentists and team at Great White Dental are here to let you know that is not the case anymore! Braces today are more comfortable, discreet and easy to manage than ever before.

Braces are based on three simple components: brackets, bands and wires. The brackets are attached to each tooth and connected with strong metal wires and bands. These work together to slowly but surely guide your teeth to their ideal position, making it easier to prevent oral health issues in the future and to care for your teeth.

If you require more intensive care, we can combine braces with other treatments to care for your smile in a comprehensive way. Dr. Alejandro Martinez and Dr. Sarah McMahan are committed to improving your oral and overall health.

Are you ready to receive the new smile you have been waiting for? Contact us today at 210-468-3360 to get started with braces today!