In order to give you an accurate diagnosis and plan the most effective course of treatment for your smile, our dentists need a clear picture of your teeth. The team at Great White Dental uses digital X-rays for a faster, safer and more concise tool to help in develop a plan for your dental health. Digital X-rays are more comfortable for you and need much less radiation than traditional X-rays. They require no developing process which makes them safer for the environment.

Digital X-rays can be used to detect decay between your teeth, bone loss in your jaws, and tumors, cysts, abscesses and infections. They are also effective in locating damaged fillings and abnormalities, and can be used to track the development of you and your child’s smile.

If you remember dental X-rays as uncomfortable as you held film in your mouth, it is time to visit our dentists. Dr. Alejandro Martinez and Dr. Sarah McMahan to learn about the difference digital X-rays in San Antonio, Texas, can make in your next dental visit. You can learn more by requesting an appointment, or calling 210-468-3360 to speak with a team member today.