If your teeth are stained, misshapen, chipped, cracked, or have gaps and spaces between them, our dentists may recommend dental bonding to resolve the imperfections and give you a more beautiful smile. Dental bonding is a simple, conservative and effective treatment for enhancing your smile. This treatment works to improve your smile without removing your existing tooth structure, which promotes not only a more attractive smile but also better long-term oral health.

When you receive dental bonding, our dentists work with you to choose the correct shade of composite resin for your teeth. This resin material is selected so that it matches the natural shade of your teeth or so that it whitens your teeth. This resin material is then applied directly to the tooth surface, where it is carefully shaped and sculpted to fit your tooth and correct the flaws in the tooth’s appearance. After the desired results are achieved, our dentists harden, trim and polish the tooth to provide a naturally beautiful and long-lasting solution for your smile. This entire process can usually be completed in a single visit, and requires little or no tooth preparation, making your experience much more comfortable.

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